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I've heard that smell is the strongest of our senses linked to memory. For me though, it's hearing hands down because nothing affects my memory like music. I have a theory that everyone's life has its own soundtrack, filled with those songs that no matter where you are, if you hear them you are transported back in time. 

My own soundtrack began with my mom strumming the guitar and singing "All I have to do is dream" by the Everly Brothers. I was probably about 3. Kenny Rogers's "The Gambler" oddly enough takes me back to ...

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Please hit pause Bookmark and Share

"Let's go. Hurry up. Get a move on. We're going to be late." 

My daughter is the epitome of what it is to live in the moment, each moment given the powerful sense of awareness and observation that it deserves. Yet each day, she must contend with my pushing her from moment to moment, a constant "come on!" as if what she is doing has no value. When we leave the house, more often than not she asks if we will be late. I feel sheer joy on the rare occasions when I can say that this time ...

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Running on empty but still running Bookmark and Share

Today I ran 4.5 miles. It was a shock both mentally and physically. I haven't run more than three miles in more than four years. But today, despite how much I wanted to stay in bed and sleep off my Christmas party wine, I was determined to run the last race of the year put on by the Rocky Mountain Road Runners club that we are in. 

Mile one was great: on pace and heart rate low. At mile two, my left knee started to ache. At about two-and-a-half, my left hip was aching. At mile three, I ...

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The ticking time bomb in the house Bookmark and Share

My daughter is 5 today. As has been the case every November 29 since the day she was born, I will spend the day in emotional chaos. 

Two reasons. First, my daughter's entry into the world was challenging: she was transferred to another hospital at four hours old, had surgery at five days old and spent 25 long, tedious days in the NICU. Every year I relive the events and emotions of the most joyful and terrifying day of my life and the month that followed.I was 34, so technically I had been an adult for quite ...

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To be or not to be Bookmark and Share

The problem with self-awareness is that you start to notice areas where you’re out of balance. I’ve always been a “doer,” constantly in motion—the I’ll-sleep-when-I’m-dead-kind-of-person.

Yet, I often find myself wondering where time went. And even though I’m enjoying lots of fun things in the moment, I don’t take the time to reflect and process them. I don’t think I’m the only one. Being busy is the new black apparently. We’re all caught up in the rush of doing things instead of being someone. 

Since having a child I’ve ...

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