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Tuesday morning I was up to my ankles in soapy water by the end of my shower. Odd since the night before the water from my daughter’s bath went down just fine. Then I remembered she had been playing with her superball in the tub. She “saw” it bounce out of the tub, but since we looked everywhere for it Tuesday morning, I began to suspect it was more than a chunk of soap and my impending baldness that was clogging the drain.

Still optimistic about the soap idea, I waited two nights until I told my husband the drain was clogged. He grumpily went to the store, bought some Liquid Plumber and proceeded to pour it in. I should probably mention that our landlord has forbidden us from using drain cleaner. I also should mention that I didn’t tell my husband about the superball possibility until after he poured in the drain cleaner and tried to push the clog through with a plunger.

So, the drain became completely clogged with a ball and forbidden drain cleaner. My husband did Internet research (removing the tub to get to the pipes might be the only option) and tried to think of solutions to save us from a hefty plumbing bill and our landlord’s wrath. I did nothing except worry about both.

He fashioned a sucking device out of our old vacuum and a fish tank cleaner. Didn’t work. Then we borrowed a shop vac—my contribution was picking it up from a coworker’s house this morning and pessimism. While my husband got busy, I went for a run and when I returned, he simply said, “you can use the tub now.” The superball was in the bathroom sink. 

Lessons learned today (other than, I suck at home repairs and high school physics might have been worth taking): 1) even if you are very careful, small things can slip through the cracks, 2) things can go down the drain quickly and you may not notice until you have a big problem on your hands, 3) people need all of the applicable  information to make a smart decision, and 4) when you feel all hope is lost, keep faith in your husband even if you think his ideas are crazy.

Just a few lessons I learned today—you know, in case you ever get a superball stuck in your drain. 

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