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Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex

When my husband and I decided to leave sunny Colorado and head back to our roots in the Midwest, we were prepared for tough winters. I, however, was not prepared to suffer through the coldest, snowiest winter in 20 years.

This morning I determined the only way to get through the remaining weeks of this awful winter is to dream of summer. Summertime by Lake Michigan is pure heaven. On the drive to school today, my daughter and I started a list of things we want to do this summer. Our list had the usual summer fun like the fair, the renaissance festival and the mother of all music festivals: Summerfest.

Beyond all the things we want to do and places we want to go, we thought of the simpler glories of summer. Here’s my list.

  • Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine
  • Rolling thunderstorms—just enough to break up the monotony of all that sunshine
  • Burying your feet in the sand while building castles at the beach
  • Running along the lakefront with just a hint of breeze
  • Ponytails
  • Biking for fun, for exercise and for transportation
  • Juicy strawberries and tomatoes that burst with flavor in your mouth
  • Toes decked out in pinks, reds and corals
  • Sandals and flip flops to show off those painted piggies
  • Fireflies
  • Waking up in daylight, going to bed in daylight
  • The smell of the grill (even a vegetarian like me can’t deny how good charcoal and meat smells!)
  • A perfectly toasted s’more
  • Flowers and green trees—their beauty is worth every moment of sneezing and itchy eyes
  • Fireworks
  • Sipping ice-cold lemonade and vodka on the balcony
  • Giant fluffy clouds that drift lazily through the sky
  • Patio dining
  • That point when you’ve soaked in every drop of summer and are finally excited to pull out your favorite sweater and boots again

I’m feeling warmer and sunnier already, so screw you polar vortex. You may be sucking the life from my soul, but you can’t erase my memory of the glorious days ahead. 

 What’s on your list of life’s simple summer pleasures?

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  1. Rebecca Richman

    Rebecca Richman on 02/11/2014 9:26 p.m. #

    Gosh, Heidi, your post sure does bring back fond memories. I miss the fireflies of the Midwest; and during the heat of the summer, the Adirondacks actually had them, too. I love those glowing little magical bugs!!

    Summer also brings thoughts of warm, evening sunsets. Of early morning runs before the sun peaks over the horizon. Of dinner and drinky poos with good buds at a local outdoor venue. Of bird song and flowers and bees buzzing.

    Ah summer! Ain't it grand!!! And it's just around the corner!!

    Sending you a big hug, Heidi...

  2. Gigi

    Gigi on 02/12/2014 8:44 p.m. #

    Thanks for the reminders. Gosh I am looking forward to summer. Can't wait to go fishing and kayaking at Camp 6 Lake. I love evening walks when the whole neighborhood is out and about.
    This also made me think of Spring. I get excited about the first Robin siting, baby bunnies running around the yard, and watching the leaves grow.

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