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Running on empty but still running Bookmark and Share

Today I ran 4.5 miles. It was a shock both mentally and physically. I haven't run more than three miles in more than four years. But today, despite how much I wanted to stay in bed and sleep off my Christmas party wine, I was determined to run the last race of the year put on by the Rocky Mountain Road Runners club that we are in. 

Mile one was great: on pace and heart rate low. At mile two, my left knee started to ache. At about two-and-a-half, my left hip was aching. At mile three, I ...

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The ticking time bomb in the house Bookmark and Share

My daughter is 5 today. As has been the case every November 29 since the day she was born, I will spend the day in emotional chaos. 

Two reasons. First, my daughter's entry into the world was challenging: she was transferred to another hospital at four hours old, had surgery at five days old and spent 25 long, tedious days in the NICU. Every year I relive the events and emotions of the most joyful and terrifying day of my life and the month that followed.I was 34, so technically I had been an adult for quite ...

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To be or not to be Bookmark and Share

The problem with self-awareness is that you start to notice areas where you’re out of balance. I’ve always been a “doer,” constantly in motion—the I’ll-sleep-when-I’m-dead-kind-of-person.

Yet, I often find myself wondering where time went. And even though I’m enjoying lots of fun things in the moment, I don’t take the time to reflect and process them. I don’t think I’m the only one. Being busy is the new black apparently. We’re all caught up in the rush of doing things instead of being someone. 

Since having a child I’ve ...

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Thankfulness Bookmark and Share

In preparation for feeding my face later this afternoon, I headed out for a morning run. Sunny, nearly 50 degrees, crisp air. Cranked up One Republic’s “Good Life” (definitely worth listening to). Perfect.

Within two minutes, my throat was constricting, I had tears in my eyes and my heart ached. No, I wasn’t sad. It’s simply my reaction to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. A holiday purely about eating, drinking and spending time with people you love without expectations. It’s perfect.

So here is what spewed from my heart this morning I ran, listening to an endless ...

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Expectations in the Windy City Bookmark and Share

Expectations in the Windy City

Next weekend my husband, daughter and I head to Chicago, one of my favorite places on earth. I love the noises of the city and the way it vibrates with energy. I live in a fairly decent sized metro area, Denver, but for a small-town girl who converted to urbanism the first time she lived in a city, it’s just not the same.

Our trip got me thinking about our last trip there, three years ago. My daughter was a year and a half and we combined the journey with going to Wisconsin to visit my family, attend two ...

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