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Love and Vomit: An Ode to My Mother Bookmark and Share

Love and Vomit: An Ode to My Mother

After a busy week made even more challenging by the itchy, watery eyes of spring, I washed down deep dish pizza and a Benadryl with two glasses of white wine and fell into bed. (A doctor may not approve of this combo, which is why I didn’t consult mine.)

My dreams of sleeping in were shattered at 6 a.m. by my daughter screaming, “Mommy, come here quick.”

I stumbled blindly into her room, where I didn’t need my glasses to realize what had happened. One sniff and I was wide awake. Orange vomit on the floor, the ...

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We All Become Orphans at Some Point Bookmark and Share

I’ve been thinking of my grandfather lately, which is odd because he passed away two decades ago and I haven’t thought much about him since. The ugly truth is that his death didn’t really affect me, and it wasn’t all that surprising.

Though my grandfather was only 69 at the time, he had already suffered one heart attack and had developed emphysema caused by years of smoking a pipe. A number of his siblings had already died of heart disease.

What I remember most about his funeral was my dad’s grief and how it baffled ...

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Crap! I May Be A Helicopter Mom Bookmark and Share

It seems you can’t avoid hearing about how my generation of parents is overprotective and isn’t allowing its kids to learn about failure and resilience. Every time I’ve read an article about helicopter parenting, I’ve sighed and thought “so glad that’s not me.”

The other day, however, I heard the propellers and they were coming from me.

Each morning I drop off my 6-year-old at school and I wait on the playground until the teacher comes to take the kids inside. While we wait, my daughter usually heads off with a friend or two, and ...

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What Holiday Traditions Connect You to Childhood? Bookmark and Share

What Holiday Traditions Connect You to Childhood?

Growing up, every holiday was chaotic. My extended family is huge. When you combine the paternal and maternal sides, I have 22 aunts and uncles (including their spouses) and 30 cousins.

Do I have to even state that family gatherings were loud? Yelling, shouting, laughing, game playing, little kids running in packs like wolves. I was never the ring leader, but I always enjoyed being part of the show.

After my husband and I moved away, I missed the noise. The silence felt deafening. Over time, though, we established our own traditions. Christmas Eve meant lights at the zoo and ...

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Who Needs Flowers? Has Your Idea of Romance Changed? Bookmark and Share

Who Needs Flowers? Has Your Idea of Romance Changed?

My husband isn’t a flower man. He’s much too practical to buy something that will die in a week. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times in our 17-year relationship that he’s given me flowers.

There was my birthday two months after we started dating and a few times when he was working as a bike courier. (Let me tell you, a bleached blond, tan, fit bike courier bringing you flowers on a Friday evening is hot—even if it is your husband!). And there was last year right after a wonderful ...

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