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Call Me—No Maybe About It Bookmark and Share

This morning I woke from a dream involving technical difficulties in Skyping with friends far away. The melancholy of the dream combined with PMS led to me crying into my coffee grounds.

Remember that horrible homesickness the first night you spent away from home? That was me this morning. I wondered how I would survive two more months before I headed to Colorado to celebrate my 40th birthday with “my girls.” Then, as I swapped my third text with one of these friends, I remembered this wonderful invention called the telephone.

In a world full of email, texting and Facebook ...

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I Blame My BFFs for the Voices in My Head Bookmark and Share

When I was a child, my dad occasionally had the opportunity to bid for a better job (he worked for the railroad) that would require relocating to a new city. As a shy kid, nothing is more terrifying—except maybe doing a demonstration speech in a required public speaking course— than having to make new friends.

So I did what I had to do. I screamed and cried and pleaded: “please don’t make me leave my friends.” We never moved. Not sure how much of that was my fault.

When my husband has periodically broached the subject of moving ...

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Girl Power: How Do Your Friends Influence Your Kids? Bookmark and Share

I love my girlfriends. Despite being a shy child and having only a few friends at a time, somehow as an adult I have surrounded myself with strong, smart, funny, confident, amazing and sometimes wildly inappropriate women. I got lucky, really lucky. So did my daughter.

This group of 10 friends began with a few coworkers who formed a book club and then allowed a few outsiders to infiltrate. Nearly 10 years later we no longer discuss books, but we still call ourselves "Book Club" because we can't come up with anything better. Despite our lack of creativity in ...

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Hugs no longer scare me Bookmark and Share

Early in my friendship with my only friend from the South, she said to me, “You are the friend I touch the least. You visible cringe when you see me coming.” It was an alarming statement—not because she said it, but because it was true.

Affection makes me nervous. When my own brothers hugged me the day of my college graduation, I felt awkward. When I visited my parents and they embraced me at the airport, I always held back. It felt odd to feel so uncomfortable, but I chalked it up to being Midwestern and coming from a ...

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Thankfulness Bookmark and Share

In preparation for feeding my face later this afternoon, I headed out for a morning run. Sunny, nearly 50 degrees, crisp air. Cranked up One Republic’s “Good Life” (definitely worth listening to). Perfect.

Within two minutes, my throat was constricting, I had tears in my eyes and my heart ached. No, I wasn’t sad. It’s simply my reaction to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. A holiday purely about eating, drinking and spending time with people you love without expectations. It’s perfect.

So here is what spewed from my heart this morning I ran, listening to an endless ...

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