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Me, Too Many Times to Count Bookmark and Share

The first time I remember feeling threatened by a man was walking a friend home. He pulled up in his car. I don’t recall what he said. I only remember my friend and I running through a field as fast as we could. We were 9, the same age as my daughter today.

Then there’s the time I and another classmate were at our posts for safety patrol, and a man stood across the street taking photos of us. We didn’t know why because he didn’t say a word to us. We simply knew it felt ...

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You Can Get High on Giving Bookmark and Share

You Can Get High on Giving

My most recent lesson learned is that giving can be addictive. Sadly, it’s taken me until age 44 to discover that.

Much as I would love to identify myself as a generous person, I can’t honestly say I am. I donate to various charities each year. I volunteer at my daughter’s school. I generally think kind thoughts about people. But true, heartfelt generosity often alludes me, especially if it’s going to take me outside my comfort zone.

But this month, I learned something about giving. I’m fortunate to work for a college that has an ...

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I Finally Admit I Cannot Change the World Bookmark and Share

I Finally Admit I Cannot Change the World

NOTE: This post was actually written Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, but it had been so long since I posted that I had to wait until my husband (a.k.a, personal IT guy) returned from a weekend trip to help me.

Today was supposed to be the last day of My URL was up for renewal and it had been one year, five months and one day since I had written my last post. Sounds a bit like a confessional and perhaps in a way it is.

For a month, I had debated whether to keep the site ...

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Sometime Grief Is Unexpectedly Purple Bookmark and Share

Sometime Grief Is Unexpectedly Purple

I have never been one to mourn celebrities. Some big ones have died in the past year, and while I thought their deaths unfortunate and sad, I never felt compelled to express my emotions on Facebook or anywhere else. It all seemed a tad silly to me to shed tears over someone you had never met.

And yet, this morning I could barely pull myself out of bed. A fog has surrounded my brain all day. I am exhausted with overwhelming melancholy I cannot shake. I want to crawl into bed and wake up to a new day. I haven ...

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I’m Grateful Anger No Longer Consumes Me Bookmark and Share

I’m Grateful Anger No Longer Consumes Me

This morning as I lay on the living floor doing extremely uncomfortable physical therapy exercises for my neck, an unexpected thought popped into my head: I am so grateful I’m not angry all the time any more.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so feelings of gratitude shouldn’t be surprising, but I wasn’t quite sure where this one came from. Yet, it is truly what I am most thankful for this year.

When I returned to work full time last February, my biggest fear was turning back into “scary mommy.” I had spent the previous two years trying to figure ...

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