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Tradition—what we shed and what we keep Bookmark and Share

Tradition—what we shed and what we keep

Ah, Christmas. What other time of year has more traditions wrapped around it? It seems that as a species, humans thrive on tradition and as much as we sometimes complain about it, we will create traditions where there is a hole.

As a child growing up, my Christmases followed the same rhythm each year. Christmas Eve we went to “the barn,” a live reenactment of Jesus’s birth in a real barn, sitting on real hay bales next to sheep and a donkey with members of our church acting out the scenes (I was the first live baby Jesus). Audience ...

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Not silly Bookmark and Share

I am not a silly person. Sometimes I can be funny—of the sarcastic variety. Once in a while I can be a bit goofy—after a couple of glasses of wine. In college I had an 18-month period of time in which I was REALLY fun—and really drunk. But silly? Never.

Silliness requires the ability to stop worrying about what others think and to just enjoy the hilarity of the moment. That’s why children are so good at it. Adults, at least this one, not so much.

In fact, I usually feel disdain for silly adults (and ...

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The return of lazy Sundays Bookmark and Share

The return of lazy Sundays

This morning my daughter climbed into our bed to snuggle, and a tickle monster attack ensued followed by a game of “pillow” (in which one person wants to sleep and the other is the moving pillow).

These mornings remind me of my childhood. My brothers and I jumping onto my parents’ bed, my dad heating up the griddle for pancakes and bacon. I don’t know if this was rare in my childhood home or if it happened every weekend, but it is a strong memory. I can nearly smell the syrup. In my memory, childhood weekends consisted of cleaning ...

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Helpers and random luck Bookmark and Share

Many of my beliefs have changed as I've aged, but all of my life I've clung to the idea that people are inherently good. Even when they do terrible things, their inner soul must certainly still have some good that simply was overrun by something terrible. I've never been able to grasp that someone could be 100 percent evil. It's getting harder to abide by that belief. 

The Connecticut shooting yesterday, the Colorado movie shooting a few months ago (just a few miles from my daughter's school), countless other senseless shootings this past year. Each ...

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Generation gap Bookmark and Share

As the workday wound down this afternoon, a conversation among coworkers somehow turned to music and the first CD ever purchased. Five of us were sitting in the area with about a 25-year range in ages.

When the early-20s-something guy said his first CD was the “queen of pop,” I was surprised and piped right up with a “me, too.” I was, of course, talking about Madonna (Like a Prayer because that was the first available on CD—I’ve still got the earlier stuff on vinyl). He was talking about Britney Spears. I laughed until I nearly peed. His ...

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