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A Beautiful Fall into Middle Age Bookmark and Share

A Beautiful Fall into Middle Age

It happens every September. That moment when I notice how the sky has taken on a brilliant blue hue that happens only in fall. The angle of the sun hits in a way that makes everything glow. The air takes on a crispness even when the temps are high.

 It’s at that moment each year when my heart sings, full of joy I can hardly contain. Maybe it’s because I was born in October, but fall has always been my favorite season. The world seems at its most exquisite.


When I entered my 40s two years ago, I ...

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Times of Transition: How to Forge Through the Rings of Hell Bookmark and Share

Times of Transition: How to Forge Through the Rings of Hell

This week I found myself sobbing uncontrollably in the bathroom. This was unexpected given that I’m not at all a crybaby. (Friends have told me I’d feel better if I cried more, but isn’t stoicism so much more productive?)

It seems, however, the transition from renting urbanite to suburban home owner—and all that entailed mentally and physically—had taken me down the road toward a pity party of one.

What I’ve learned about transitions in the past decade is that they are essential to our growth, but they are also akin to forging through Dante ...

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What I Learned My First Week Off Anti-Anxiety Meds Bookmark and Share

What I Learned My First Week Off Anti-Anxiety Meds

Just over a week ago I swallowed what I hope was the last pill for anxiety control that I will ever take. After six months of medically induced mellowness, I felt ready to boost my serotonin levels on my own. Plus, I really missed my libido.

The medication had taken the edge off my anxious personality, but it also made me slightly numb (in more ways than one) and unmotivated. I’d lost my internal fire and I wanted some of it back.

Many people have anxiety levels that may require lifelong medication, but for others, making lifestyle changes to ...

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Do We Ever Rid Ourselves of Childhood Insecurities? Bookmark and Share

Old fears are hard habits to break. This morning I had to interview a researcher by phone for an article I’m writing. I’ve actually interviewed her before in person and she’s lovely, smart and down to earth—not intimidating at all.

So why did I wake up feeling like I’d eaten rocks? The only logical answer is that my anxiousness is a throwback to my days as a shy child and teenager—the days when asking anyone anything felt like torture. How I got through journalism school, I’ll never know.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of ...

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Just Deal With It: Accepting Help and Anti-Anxiety Meds Bookmark and Share

Today, I accepted a prescription for anti-anxiety medication and made my first appointment with a psychotherapist. I left the doctor’s office nauseous and wondering if my brain could physically explode out the back of my head.

Plenty of my friends have extolled the virtues of medication and therapy, particularly during transitional times of life. I’ve always resisted.

You see, medications and therapy mean asking for help. Not only do I have an aversion to asking for help, but I go blatantly out of my way to avoid it.

Asking for help means being vulnerable. It would be like ...

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