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Not Yet Comfortable in My Own Skin Bookmark and Share

We spent yesterday at Pridefest. It wasn’t the usual Father’s Day celebration locale, but we didn’t have control of the scheduling. As the parade went by and I watched dozens upon dozens crazily costumed and scantily clad people gyrating on rainbow-colored floats, I suddenly wondered, “what do the parents of these people think?”

Do these folks care what their parents think? Do they worry that a coworker will see them? Are they afraid of backlash?    

But of course, the entire point of Pridefest is being proud of who you are—being comfortable in your own skin, if ...

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Gut Check: How I Misread the Signs Bookmark and Share

I don’t like to view myself as someone who believes in signs or that the universe is guiding me or that there is a God who has a master plan. I envy people who say they always trust their gut because the most my gut has every told me was that it was hungry.

And then last June I went to Chicago on an unexpected 24-hour business trip. As I stood in freezing drizzle looking at Lake Michigan before I headed to the airport, I thought fondly of my time in graduate school—just north of the city. And ...

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Push through life’s storm even when it blinds you Bookmark and Share

My life right now is blurry—not unlike today’s blizzard-like conditions. Sometimes, though, you have to push through the storm even when the snow is blinding.

Two nights ago I had dinner with a dear friend who reminded me of a drive we took through the mountains two Januarys ago. We were headed for a girlfriends’ weekend during which 10 of us would celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. She was the first to head into this unchartered territory.

As my friend and I headed through a giant “bowl” in the mountains, we suddenly found ourselves in a swirling ...

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Fear would make me crazy if I let it Bookmark and Share

My husband being out of town has made me realize that he is like a daily low-level dose of Valium, without which my inner crazy starts to emerge. You see, I have issues with being happy. If something great happens, I immediately panic that tragedy will strike within 24 hours to counterattack that happiness.

It isn’t rational, it is completely fear-based, and I’ve done some crazy things because of it. Example no. 1: When I was a child, my favorite part of our Disney World trip was the drive home because I was frantic that our house had ...

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Hugs no longer scare me Bookmark and Share

Early in my friendship with my only friend from the South, she said to me, “You are the friend I touch the least. You visible cringe when you see me coming.” It was an alarming statement—not because she said it, but because it was true.

Affection makes me nervous. When my own brothers hugged me the day of my college graduation, I felt awkward. When I visited my parents and they embraced me at the airport, I always held back. It felt odd to feel so uncomfortable, but I chalked it up to being Midwestern and coming from a ...

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