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Anxiety Disorder: What a Life of Worry Does to You Bookmark and Share

So it seems I may actually be a little bit crazy. Many of you may be thinking “no shit, that’s why I read this blog. Your crazy makes me feel better about my crazy.” (insert humor defense mechanism)

 Yesterday, I went to the doctor for mysterious, prolonged pain and sensitivity in my back and under one arm. Plus, I wanted to discuss why after four months of a slower-paced life, I still feel exhausted to my bones and want to nap after a 30-minute run.

It turns out I have atypical shingles—the kind that causes pain without the ...

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Are You Able to Let Go of Expectations? Bookmark and Share

Maybe it’s because the holidays are just around the corner, but it seems that a number of my recent conversations with friends have dealt with expectations. More specifically, an inability to meet them.

After a visit to her home state, one friend questioned how she could possibly see all of the relatives who want her to come for dinner or pop in to say hello. The answer is, of course, that she can’t and so she ends up feeling badly about it.

I remember those visits—usually they encompassed an early morning flight and four days spent in ...

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Confessions of an introvert Bookmark and Share

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I love my husband and daughter dearly, but sometimes the sights and sounds of them make me want to scream. I realized why yesterday: I am an introvert often forced to live as an extrovert.

Sure, I can be a chatty Cathy with the best of them and even people who know me well would probably classify me as outgoing, but when push comes to shove, I’d rather curl up with a good book than do anything else in the world.

So yesterday, as I felt the weekend slipping through my fingertips and I began thinking of the busy ...

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This time my mother's visit won't cause anxiety Bookmark and Share

My mom is coming to visit in two days. I can’t wait, and it’s not just because I’m two weeks into this three-week single parenthood stint and I desperately need reinforcements.

It’s because for the first time in years, I feel like I will be myself this visit. I’ve lived in another state for 13 years now, and every visit has caused me at least mild anxiety. Some visits have caused a lot of anxiety.

Take the Christmas when my entire family drove out and I turned into Martha Stewart. I decked the halls. I ...

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