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Gut Check: How I Misread the Signs Bookmark and Share

I don’t like to view myself as someone who believes in signs or that the universe is guiding me or that there is a God who has a master plan. I envy people who say they always trust their gut because the most my gut has every told me was that it was hungry.

And then last June I went to Chicago on an unexpected 24-hour business trip. As I stood in freezing drizzle looking at Lake Michigan before I headed to the airport, I thought fondly of my time in graduate school—just north of the city. And ...

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Adolescence ends when you finally admit you still need your parents Bookmark and Share

Psychologists say that increased fighting between adolescents and parents is part of a natural process of a child breaking away and becoming independent. But has anyone else had an adolescence that extended 25 years?

Yep, instead of a few years of being a teenage bitch, I spent more than two decades trying to separate myself from my parents. At the age of 26, I moved 1,000 miles away from my childhood home just to get some distance. It didn’t seem like that was the reason at the time—I was merely starting a fun new life with my ...

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Could you live mid-life with the intensity of a teenager? Bookmark and Share

In a recent article in New York Magazine (Why You Truly Never Leave High School), author Jennifer Senior points to recent studies that suggest memories from the ages of 15 to 25 are most vividly retained. Certainly there are many neurological reasons behind this, but to me it boils down to this: Why wouldn’t we have the most intense memories from the time during which we felt things most intensely?

Do you remember what it was like to feel the body-and-soul anguish when a best friend turned on you? Or the way your heart nearly burst with joy when ...

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Fear would make me crazy if I let it Bookmark and Share

My husband being out of town has made me realize that he is like a daily low-level dose of Valium, without which my inner crazy starts to emerge. You see, I have issues with being happy. If something great happens, I immediately panic that tragedy will strike within 24 hours to counterattack that happiness.

It isn’t rational, it is completely fear-based, and I’ve done some crazy things because of it. Example no. 1: When I was a child, my favorite part of our Disney World trip was the drive home because I was frantic that our house had ...

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Some teenage obsessions don’t burn out or fade away Bookmark and Share

No matter how old we get, somehow the teenager within us finds ways to shine through. For me it was tonight, watching “Rock of Ages.” Was it good? Probably not. Could I turn it off? Not a chance in hell. Will I watch it again? Well, I might just buy the damn thing and I only own one other DVD.

You see when I was 13, I lost my mind over long-haired glam bands. As Journey would say, I was “just a small-town girl living in a lonely world.” When I discovered rock ballads and men wearing makeup and tight ...

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