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Do You Yes When You Should Say No? Bookmark and Share

In preparation for the Mardi Gras celebration at my daughter’s school, I found myself blowing up festive balloons in purple, green and gold for a giant balloon drop. Who doesn’t love balloons, right?

Me, that’s who. In fact I hate them. It goes beyond hate. I’m mildly terrified of them. Watching someone rub a balloon on their head and stick it on the wall fills me with panic.

It’s an irrational fear that stems back to childhood when I watched one of those giant punching balloons explode on my babysitter’s face as she tried ...

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Just Deal With It: Accepting Help and Anti-Anxiety Meds Bookmark and Share

Today, I accepted a prescription for anti-anxiety medication and made my first appointment with a psychotherapist. I left the doctor’s office nauseous and wondering if my brain could physically explode out the back of my head.

Plenty of my friends have extolled the virtues of medication and therapy, particularly during transitional times of life. I’ve always resisted.

You see, medications and therapy mean asking for help. Not only do I have an aversion to asking for help, but I go blatantly out of my way to avoid it.

Asking for help means being vulnerable. It would be like ...

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Anxiety Disorder: What a Life of Worry Does to You Bookmark and Share

So it seems I may actually be a little bit crazy. Many of you may be thinking “no shit, that’s why I read this blog. Your crazy makes me feel better about my crazy.” (insert humor defense mechanism)

 Yesterday, I went to the doctor for mysterious, prolonged pain and sensitivity in my back and under one arm. Plus, I wanted to discuss why after four months of a slower-paced life, I still feel exhausted to my bones and want to nap after a 30-minute run.

It turns out I have atypical shingles—the kind that causes pain without the ...

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Celebrating 40 After the Year of No Fear Bookmark and Share

Until I hit 39 nearly every decision (or lack of decision) in my life had been directly or indirectly based on fear. Fear of isolation, loneliness, success, emotions, instability. You name a fear and I can probably tell you a decision I made based on it.

Last October as I approached my last year in my 30s, I finally said “fuck fear.” (Sorry for the profanity, but fear is powerful and you need a strong word to combat it.) I deemed my 39th year “the year of no fear.”

In two days I turn 40 and as I look at ...

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The Night I Stopped Faking It Bookmark and Share

This month marks the one-year anniversary of my blog. This milestone prompted me to revisit my very first blog post. It isn’t the first entry on this website. It is instead a piece I wrote 21 months before StillADancingQueen.com even existed. Yet, it was without a doubt the beginning.

It is called “Faking it,” and I wrote it at the end of the first staycation I had ever taken. Fresh off a week at home with my husband and daughter, I sobbed in anguish the night before I returned to a job that was sucking the life out ...

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