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Love and Vomit: An Ode to My Mother Bookmark and Share

Love and Vomit: An Ode to My Mother

After a busy week made even more challenging by the itchy, watery eyes of spring, I washed down deep dish pizza and a Benadryl with two glasses of white wine and fell into bed. (A doctor may not approve of this combo, which is why I didn’t consult mine.)

My dreams of sleeping in were shattered at 6 a.m. by my daughter screaming, “Mommy, come here quick.”

I stumbled blindly into her room, where I didn’t need my glasses to realize what had happened. One sniff and I was wide awake. Orange vomit on the floor, the ...

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What Holiday Traditions Connect You to Childhood? Bookmark and Share

What Holiday Traditions Connect You to Childhood?

Growing up, every holiday was chaotic. My extended family is huge. When you combine the paternal and maternal sides, I have 22 aunts and uncles (including their spouses) and 30 cousins.

Do I have to even state that family gatherings were loud? Yelling, shouting, laughing, game playing, little kids running in packs like wolves. I was never the ring leader, but I always enjoyed being part of the show.

After my husband and I moved away, I missed the noise. The silence felt deafening. Over time, though, we established our own traditions. Christmas Eve meant lights at the zoo and ...

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Don't Let the Holidays Claim Your Sanity Bookmark and Share

Regular crazy was replaced by holiday crazy last week. In the days leading up to the long weekend, which included friends from out of town, my daughter’s birthday, Thanksgiving and two family Christmas parties, I became a mega bitch.

 As much as I’d like to blame the steroids I was temporarily on, I cannot. My husband aptly noted that my pre-event frenzy was completely predictable.

Shockingly I didn't get pissed off by his comment, because I recognized the truth in it. When it comes to events and hosting, I tend to go a bit overboard. The frustrating ...

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Have You Moved for Love? Bookmark and Share

When I told the owner of the yoga studio I go to that today was my last class because I was moving, he asked if I was moving for love. My initial thought was “no” because I was thinking only of romantic love. But when I told him I was moving for family, his response was immediate, “well, that’s love, isn’t it?”

I’ve been asked frequently why we’re moving to Milwaukee and I’ve stumbled over the answer every time. Our decision evolved so quickly and seemed so complicated that it was a question I couldn ...

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Not Yet Comfortable in My Own Skin Bookmark and Share

We spent yesterday at Pridefest. It wasn’t the usual Father’s Day celebration locale, but we didn’t have control of the scheduling. As the parade went by and I watched dozens upon dozens crazily costumed and scantily clad people gyrating on rainbow-colored floats, I suddenly wondered, “what do the parents of these people think?”

Do these folks care what their parents think? Do they worry that a coworker will see them? Are they afraid of backlash?    

But of course, the entire point of Pridefest is being proud of who you are—being comfortable in your own skin, if ...

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