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Have You Gotten Happier with Age? Bookmark and Share

As I was reading an article on happiness—much of the tips I’ve heard before—the final fact caught my eye. It said that people naturally become happier with age, particularly after hitting middle age.

Being on the cusp of middle age, I was intrigued. The article mentioned a number of scientific theories: we remember happy memories more strongly than negative ones, we weed out people and things that make us unhappy and we focus less on goals and more on well-being.

This last part aligns with a theory I’ve been developing about capacity. In talking with friends ...

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Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex Bookmark and Share

Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex

When my husband and I decided to leave sunny Colorado and head back to our roots in the Midwest, we were prepared for tough winters. I, however, was not prepared to suffer through the coldest, snowiest winter in 20 years.

This morning I determined the only way to get through the remaining weeks of this awful winter is to dream of summer. Summertime by Lake Michigan is pure heaven. On the drive to school today, my daughter and I started a list of things we want to do this summer. Our list had the usual summer fun like the fair ...

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Do External Factors Control Your Happiness? Bookmark and Share

Do External Factors Control Your Happiness?

Somehow a tree has started controlling my moods. Every morning from my second story bedroom, I peer through the slats of my cheap rental blinds at the majestic tree across the street. It is old and beautiful and huge, towering at least four stories high.

When we moved in, it was lushly green. A month or so ago, it turned gold. Even now with the increasing cold, when the sun shines upon those quickly drying up leaves, they glow like melted copper against the clear blue sky.

No matter how tired I am when the alarm goes off, the sight ...

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Sometimes You Have to Ride Out the Gloom Bookmark and Share

It’s that magical time of year when the sun makes the entire world glow. Reds, golds, oranges and greens all shimmer as if Mother Nature is giving all she has to make the world beautiful before going into hibernation.

Maybe it’s because I was born into the fall season, but usually I find it impossible to be unhappy in autumn. How can you be sad when the air is bright and crisp and you’re wearing cute leather boots and a cozy sweater?

So you can imagine why my plunging mood over the past week has been completely ...

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Soul Sisters: Our Circles of Friends Feed Our Spirits Bookmark and Share

Fresh off a weekend with 11 dear friends, I am exhausted and my voice is still raw, but my soul is rejuvenated replenished.

Woven in among the glasses of wine and cocktails, the reading of US Weekly, the dancing and attempts at twerking, the eating and the far too many discussions about poop, there was also life at its grittiest.

We talked of relationships with spouses, friends, children and parents; of changing identities; of careers and lack thereof; of dreams left to be realized; of growing older and of growing wiser.

Not a single topic was left unturned, unanalyzed (some ...

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