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Simple Pleasures And Odd Loves Bookmark and Share

My daughter is in love with a pencil sharpener.

It’s true; she told me so. It’s nothing really special, just a small pink container to hold the shavings that twirl off one of the two sharpening blades.

Yet, she obsessed for two days about how she was getting a pencil sharpener and once she had it, she promptly began sharpening every pencil she could find.

I would question her sanity except that her obsession reminds me a bit of one of my silly loves: my dishes from Crate and Barrel. They are nothing special either, just simple white ...

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10 Lessons from Living beyond the Comfort Zone Bookmark and Share

Some people embrace change, actually seek it out. Others resist it like a bad parasite. I usually fall into the parasite-resisting category (it’s why I never get sick). 

Last year, when I put a magnet on my fridge that said “life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” I did so to remind myself that good things can happen when you stretch yourself. I’ll admit, though, that at the time, I didn’t expect to stretch very far.

Yet somehow, last summer I set into motion life plans that changed rapidly and sometimes on a daily basis ...

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More Than Fine Bookmark and Share

Until a few years ago, I had led a very fine lifeemphasis on fine. My response to any question was "fine." In our early years together, my "fineness"drove my husband crazy. He was constantly asking me how everything could be fine all of the time. He also couldn't understand why I had no opinion about anythingany and every option was OK.

The reason my life was so fine was not because I had some kind of karmic protection. Rather, I was so terrified of bad things happening that I never took any risk that could change ...

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Fear would make me crazy if I let it Bookmark and Share

My husband being out of town has made me realize that he is like a daily low-level dose of Valium, without which my inner crazy starts to emerge. You see, I have issues with being happy. If something great happens, I immediately panic that tragedy will strike within 24 hours to counterattack that happiness.

It isn’t rational, it is completely fear-based, and I’ve done some crazy things because of it. Example no. 1: When I was a child, my favorite part of our Disney World trip was the drive home because I was frantic that our house had ...

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