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Why I Gave Myself A Timeout Bookmark and Share

The older we get, the more we must learn to accept that we are who we are. (Am I paraphrasing Popeye?) Like it or not, our personalities were born the same day we were. The only real power we have is to make behavioral corrections to compensate for our shortcomings.

Here’s what convinced me of this. I recently made changes in my life to reduce my stress and make me a calmer, gentler person. I wanted to be a mother who was always patient and kind and willing to play—more like Mother Teresa and less like Mommie Dearest ...

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Can I blame it on the hormones? Bookmark and Share

I was a raging lunatic this morning. Why? My daughter wouldn't get dressed by herself; she wanted help. What an unreasonable request! I literally threw a fit. The more she whined, the more pissed I got. She cried. I wanted to cry, but not until half an hour later when I realized what a horrible mother I had been.

“Surely, it wasn't that bad,” you might say. Yes, it was. If I had been in a mother-of-the-day contest with crack whores who give their kids Mountain Dew and Fruit Loops for breakfast (no offense to crack whore moms ...

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