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The Night I Stopped Faking It Bookmark and Share

This month marks the one-year anniversary of my blog. This milestone prompted me to revisit my very first blog post. It isn’t the first entry on this website. It is instead a piece I wrote 21 months before StillADancingQueen.com even existed. Yet, it was without a doubt the beginning.

It is called “Faking it,” and I wrote it at the end of the first staycation I had ever taken. Fresh off a week at home with my husband and daughter, I sobbed in anguish the night before I returned to a job that was sucking the life out ...

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Patience, Purpose and the PTA Bookmark and Share

Whiny, self-indulgent, privileged people annoy the crap out of me. Which is probably why I’ve been so filled with self-loathing this last week.

Thanks to lifestyle changes and my husband’s new job, I have the luxury of not worrying too much about my slower than expected freelance workload (though that hasn’t stopped me from worrying). Instead I can focus on volunteering at my daughter’s school, running, going to yoga and writing this blog.

I’ve got a pretty sweet gig at the moment and it feels pretty damn privileged, which made my blue-collar blood run cold ...

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Settling In Is Unsettling Bookmark and Share

Dairy nearly made me cry last night, and not because I’m lactose-intolerant.

I was at my new grocery store less than a block from my new home, and they don’t sell my favorite yogurt. There were plenty of Greek yogurt options, including my second fav, but no Fage. If my daughter and husband hadn’t been with me, I would have been reduced to a puddle of tears among the milk and cheese.

What kind of person cries over yogurt?

Yet, after the hobo life of the past two months, I desperately needed something familiar. Eight weeks in ...

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Imposter at the wheel Bookmark and Share

At this week’s staff meeting, our CEO talked about a survey in which more than 80 percent of people said they feel like imposters at work, always wondering when someone would figure out they didn’t know what they were doing. I immediately looked at my friend and coworker sitting next to me, and we stifled our laughter since we’ve had that conversation many a time.

Most of my professional life, I’ve felt like a fraud with the motto of “fake it till you make it.” I’ve been waiting a long time for a mild breeze ...

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My power struggle with work and how I finally won Bookmark and Share

For Christmas my boss gave me a copy of the book he’s been reading, “Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.” I feel it both ironic and mildly amusing that the book now sits on my nightstand next to one I’ve been reading, “When Work Doesn’t Work Anymore: Women, Work and Identity.”

Work and identity—for me an almost impossible puzzle to figure out. You see, I started working at age 14 and my job soon became a place of refuge. At my job, I could be a superstar. I was noticed. I was ...

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