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Crap! I May Be A Helicopter Mom Bookmark and Share

It seems you can’t avoid hearing about how my generation of parents is overprotective and isn’t allowing its kids to learn about failure and resilience. Every time I’ve read an article about helicopter parenting, I’ve sighed and thought “so glad that’s not me.”

The other day, however, I heard the propellers and they were coming from me.

Each morning I drop off my 6-year-old at school and I wait on the playground until the teacher comes to take the kids inside. While we wait, my daughter usually heads off with a friend or two, and ...

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Why Personality Tests Say Nothing About You Bookmark and Share

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests? Pretty certain I’ve taken nearly all of them during my career. One told me I was a sea otter, another a shepherd, another a maximizer and yet another said I was an introverted perfectionist.

I’ve been thinking a lot about personality lately as I try to figure out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life, professionally speaking.

My conclusion is that these personality tests are bullshit. If an employer really wanted a truthful evaluation, they would require the questions be filled out by ...

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Are You Able to Let Go of Expectations? Bookmark and Share

Maybe it’s because the holidays are just around the corner, but it seems that a number of my recent conversations with friends have dealt with expectations. More specifically, an inability to meet them.

After a visit to her home state, one friend questioned how she could possibly see all of the relatives who want her to come for dinner or pop in to say hello. The answer is, of course, that she can’t and so she ends up feeling badly about it.

I remember those visits—usually they encompassed an early morning flight and four days spent in ...

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Sometimes You Have to Ride Out the Gloom Bookmark and Share

It’s that magical time of year when the sun makes the entire world glow. Reds, golds, oranges and greens all shimmer as if Mother Nature is giving all she has to make the world beautiful before going into hibernation.

Maybe it’s because I was born into the fall season, but usually I find it impossible to be unhappy in autumn. How can you be sad when the air is bright and crisp and you’re wearing cute leather boots and a cozy sweater?

So you can imagine why my plunging mood over the past week has been completely ...

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A Parent’s Most Difficult Challenge: Letting Go Bookmark and Share

So many things about parenthood are difficult: the sleepless nights, the potty training, the disciplinary issues, the self-doubt that you will mess up this tiny creature. (You know you will mess them up; it’s just in what manner will you do it and how much therapy will they need to fix the damage).

There are volumes of books written about parenting, and everyone and their mother will give you unsolicited advice. But the most difficult part of being a parent doesn’t much get talked about: It’s the letting go.

Today is my daughter's first day of ...

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