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Do External Factors Control Your Happiness? Bookmark and Share

Do External Factors Control Your Happiness?

Somehow a tree has started controlling my moods. Every morning from my second story bedroom, I peer through the slats of my cheap rental blinds at the majestic tree across the street. It is old and beautiful and huge, towering at least four stories high.

When we moved in, it was lushly green. A month or so ago, it turned gold. Even now with the increasing cold, when the sun shines upon those quickly drying up leaves, they glow like melted copper against the clear blue sky.

No matter how tired I am when the alarm goes off, the sight ...

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How PBR Reminded Me I’m Still A Daddy’s Girl Bookmark and Share

A brewery tour seems like an odd place to tear up. Yet that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend.

There I was with my husband and friends learning about the history of Pabst Brewing Company, and suddenly I could barely suppress the waterworks.

Don’t get me wrong, the inspiring story has some bittersweet chapters to it. Pabst was once the largest brewing company in the world. It closed its doors abruptly in 1996, shocking "Brew City." I still remember the news coverage. And I remember touring the fully functioning brewery with my family 30 some years ago ...

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Small Talk Might Kill Me Bookmark and Share

Being the new girl at school is exhausting. Not so much for my daughter who seems to be adjusting just fine, but for me.

In an effort to get involved in the school and get settled into our new city, I’ve taking every opportunity to meet new people, including volunteering in the classroom, signing up for PTA committees and taking daily soirees at the school playground.

While my daughter works the monkey bars, I work the parent crowd. I chat away with people I’ve known for less than three weeks, and inevitably I am introduced to a new ...

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Life Unscheduled Bookmark and Share

In the past month, I’ve driven my car only twice. Not once have I said, “Hurry up. We’re going to be late.” I haven’t donned a watch, so most days, at any given time, I have no idea what time it is.

I’ve had a month-long reprieve from logistics. It’s like living in some kind of weird utopia where time stands still, or like being on vacation but in your day-to-day life.

It is refreshing and more than a little unnerving.

My life, like so many of ours, is often ruled by the calendar and ...

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10 Lessons from Living beyond the Comfort Zone Bookmark and Share

Some people embrace change, actually seek it out. Others resist it like a bad parasite. I usually fall into the parasite-resisting category (it’s why I never get sick). 

Last year, when I put a magnet on my fridge that said “life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” I did so to remind myself that good things can happen when you stretch yourself. I’ll admit, though, that at the time, I didn’t expect to stretch very far.

Yet somehow, last summer I set into motion life plans that changed rapidly and sometimes on a daily basis ...

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