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Glory in the Monotony of Being Present Bookmark and Share

When you are about to drive 1,000 miles across America’s heartland, it’s hard not to wonder if you’ll make it or simply fall asleep and drive into a field. Anyone who has driven across the barren nothingness of Nebraska will understand.

I intended to contemplate life along this drive, to process the past six months and to consider what I wanted the future to hold. Instead, I learned that pure monotony can actually help you stay in the present. Apparently the drive through Nebraska is similar to being at a meditation retreat. It is that boring ...

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Call Me—No Maybe About It Bookmark and Share

This morning I woke from a dream involving technical difficulties in Skyping with friends far away. The melancholy of the dream combined with PMS led to me crying into my coffee grounds.

Remember that horrible homesickness the first night you spent away from home? That was me this morning. I wondered how I would survive two more months before I headed to Colorado to celebrate my 40th birthday with “my girls.” Then, as I swapped my third text with one of these friends, I remembered this wonderful invention called the telephone.

In a world full of email, texting and Facebook ...

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Good Teachers Bookmark and Share

Who was your favorite teacher?

For me, it was Mrs. Makowski, who I was lucky enough to have in second grade and again in fifth. I don’t remember much about her other than that she was very tall and had dark hair. Mostly I remember that she made me feel confident and smart. She was the teacher who instilled my love of story-telling. 

The lessons you learn from good teachers stay with you for life.

Friday my daughter said goodbye to her first teacher, “Maitresse,” the most amazing teacher and one of the most amazing people I have ever ...

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