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Know When to Hold ’Em”: Playing the Forgiveness Card Bookmark and Share

Know When to Hold ’Em”: Playing the Forgiveness Card

Nothing taps into the hopeless romantic buried deep beneath my sarcastic exterior like a wedding. Such a magical event—the couple who radiates happiness, the toasts that bring on laughter and tears, the music and dancing (I especially love that part!).

I love it all really, but the longer I am married, the more it is the ceremony itself that affects me. Two optimistic souls saying, “I’m a nut job. You’re a nut job. Let’s see if we can win this game of life together.”

Ok, so that’s not in most vows, but isn’t it ...

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What Does Happily Ever After Really Mean? Bookmark and Share

What Does Happily Ever After Really Mean?

This week my parents celebrated 42 years of marriage. In a Facebook, my mother pondered if anyone truly understands the promises they are making when they get married. Her conclusion was that they don’t. Anyone who’s been married a decent length of time would probably agree—I know I do.

I’m glad my parents didn’t have a clue when they said their vows because they may not have followed through. My childhood wasn’t exactly spent basking in the warmth of their happy marriage. My parents wed at ages 19 and 21. They had me a ...

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Love and Vomit: An Ode to My Mother Bookmark and Share

Love and Vomit: An Ode to My Mother

After a busy week made even more challenging by the itchy, watery eyes of spring, I washed down deep dish pizza and a Benadryl with two glasses of white wine and fell into bed. (A doctor may not approve of this combo, which is why I didn’t consult mine.)

My dreams of sleeping in were shattered at 6 a.m. by my daughter screaming, “Mommy, come here quick.”

I stumbled blindly into her room, where I didn’t need my glasses to realize what had happened. One sniff and I was wide awake. Orange vomit on the floor, the ...

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Who Needs Flowers? Has Your Idea of Romance Changed? Bookmark and Share

Who Needs Flowers? Has Your Idea of Romance Changed?

My husband isn’t a flower man. He’s much too practical to buy something that will die in a week. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times in our 17-year relationship that he’s given me flowers.

There was my birthday two months after we started dating and a few times when he was working as a bike courier. (Let me tell you, a bleached blond, tan, fit bike courier bringing you flowers on a Friday evening is hot—even if it is your husband!). And there was last year right after a wonderful ...

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Simple Pleasures And Odd Loves Bookmark and Share

My daughter is in love with a pencil sharpener.

It’s true; she told me so. It’s nothing really special, just a small pink container to hold the shavings that twirl off one of the two sharpening blades.

Yet, she obsessed for two days about how she was getting a pencil sharpener and once she had it, she promptly began sharpening every pencil she could find.

I would question her sanity except that her obsession reminds me a bit of one of my silly loves: my dishes from Crate and Barrel. They are nothing special either, just simple white ...

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