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Wedding Vows after 13 Years of Marriage Bookmark and Share

My husband and I celebrate lucky number 13 today. We will have a nice dinner, throw back a few drinks and enjoy the quiet since our daughter is with my parents, but for the most part, we’ll leave the fanfare to more newly-married couples.

We won’t reflect upon our wedding vows because, quite frankly, it’s unlikely either of us remember them. I don’t at least.

I’m sure they said something about promising to love, respect and cherish. To me, the first two were prerequisites to the wedding ceremony itself. The third makes me envision a ...

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Have You Moved for Love? Bookmark and Share

When I told the owner of the yoga studio I go to that today was my last class because I was moving, he asked if I was moving for love. My initial thought was “no” because I was thinking only of romantic love. But when I told him I was moving for family, his response was immediate, “well, that’s love, isn’t it?”

I’ve been asked frequently why we’re moving to Milwaukee and I’ve stumbled over the answer every time. Our decision evolved so quickly and seemed so complicated that it was a question I couldn ...

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Can You Pack Up Your Youth? Bookmark and Share

As we slowly box up our house for our move from Denver to Milwaukee, it seems as though I’m not just closing the lid on the Colorado chapter of our lives. I am also shutting the door to my youth.

Flipping through photo albums (real ones not digital), I marvel at the fresh, hopeful, totally wrinkle-free faces that gaze leisurely back at me. How smooth my skin was, how smoking hot my husband was, how freely we smiled.

We weren’t children when we moved to Colorado, but this sunny state is where we became adults. Here is where ...

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The Lifelong Struggle: Why Marriage Is Harder Than Parenthood Bookmark and Share

I grew up with the mantra, "marriage is hard work," and for my parents, it seemed especially difficult. Having watching their struggles, I felt prepared for tough stuff. When the first years of my own marriage felt surprisingly easy, I began to suspect my parents were just doing it all wrong. 

Then we had a baby, sold our condo, moved, my husband went to grad school and became a stay-at-home dad within three months. Over the next few years, we moved again, our beloved cat died, my job sucked and I went through four bosses and a company restructuring. To ...

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Could you live mid-life with the intensity of a teenager? Bookmark and Share

In a recent article in New York Magazine (Why You Truly Never Leave High School), author Jennifer Senior points to recent studies that suggest memories from the ages of 15 to 25 are most vividly retained. Certainly there are many neurological reasons behind this, but to me it boils down to this: Why wouldn’t we have the most intense memories from the time during which we felt things most intensely?

Do you remember what it was like to feel the body-and-soul anguish when a best friend turned on you? Or the way your heart nearly burst with joy when ...

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