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A Parent’s Most Difficult Challenge: Letting Go Bookmark and Share

So many things about parenthood are difficult: the sleepless nights, the potty training, the disciplinary issues, the self-doubt that you will mess up this tiny creature. (You know you will mess them up; it’s just in what manner will you do it and how much therapy will they need to fix the damage).

There are volumes of books written about parenting, and everyone and their mother will give you unsolicited advice. But the most difficult part of being a parent doesn’t much get talked about: It’s the letting go.

Today is my daughter's first day of ...

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Simple Pleasures And Odd Loves Bookmark and Share

My daughter is in love with a pencil sharpener.

It’s true; she told me so. It’s nothing really special, just a small pink container to hold the shavings that twirl off one of the two sharpening blades.

Yet, she obsessed for two days about how she was getting a pencil sharpener and once she had it, she promptly began sharpening every pencil she could find.

I would question her sanity except that her obsession reminds me a bit of one of my silly loves: my dishes from Crate and Barrel. They are nothing special either, just simple white ...

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No More Bossy Pants Bookmark and Share

Decorative wall decals are a stupid thing to argue about. Yet, that’s what my daughter and I battled over today.

I’m not even talking about which decals to buy but the actual placement of each decal. My artistic vision of what this bedroom mural should look like didn’t match my daughter’s vision. After she patiently told me that she already knew where she wanted each sticker placed, I left the room in a fit of annoyance.

“Bossy, little brat,” I thought to myself.

Before you judge, let me provide further details. First, we were decorating her ...

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My other life: today I will be an owl or a Pegasus Bookmark and Share

Today is the first day of my daughter’s spring break. For me, that means leaving behind my day job full of writing, editing, meetings, meetings and more meetings. We won’t be heading to a white sandy beach. We won’t be skiing down the Rockies. No, I’ll be plunging full-force, full-time into somewhere far more exotic: my daughter’s imagination.

It is a bit like walking through the wardrobe in C.S. Lewis’s fantasy world, except that it is far more fantastical and much more complex. I may be called upon to be an owl harassed ...

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Confessions of an introvert Bookmark and Share

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I love my husband and daughter dearly, but sometimes the sights and sounds of them make me want to scream. I realized why yesterday: I am an introvert often forced to live as an extrovert.

Sure, I can be a chatty Cathy with the best of them and even people who know me well would probably classify me as outgoing, but when push comes to shove, I’d rather curl up with a good book than do anything else in the world.

So yesterday, as I felt the weekend slipping through my fingertips and I began thinking of the busy ...

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