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Having the time of my life—no green beer needed Bookmark and Share

This morning I donned my new green t-shirt with the smiley face with little consideration to today being St. Patrick’s Day.

I spent the morning at the playground with my daughter and a friend and her two kids, followed by grocery shopping and a stop at the pet store for cat food. After our errands, it seemed frozen yogurt was in order. As we spooned on toppings, I thought about what a sweet day it had been.

And then what should the radio overhead begin playing but “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Within the first four ...

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Some teenage obsessions don’t burn out or fade away Bookmark and Share

No matter how old we get, somehow the teenager within us finds ways to shine through. For me it was tonight, watching “Rock of Ages.” Was it good? Probably not. Could I turn it off? Not a chance in hell. Will I watch it again? Well, I might just buy the damn thing and I only own one other DVD.

You see when I was 13, I lost my mind over long-haired glam bands. As Journey would say, I was “just a small-town girl living in a lonely world.” When I discovered rock ballads and men wearing makeup and tight ...

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Generation gap Bookmark and Share

As the workday wound down this afternoon, a conversation among coworkers somehow turned to music and the first CD ever purchased. Five of us were sitting in the area with about a 25-year range in ages.

When the early-20s-something guy said his first CD was the “queen of pop,” I was surprised and piped right up with a “me, too.” I was, of course, talking about Madonna (Like a Prayer because that was the first available on CD—I’ve still got the earlier stuff on vinyl). He was talking about Britney Spears. I laughed until I nearly peed. His ...

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Soundtrack of my life Bookmark and Share

I've heard that smell is the strongest of our senses linked to memory. For me though, it's hearing hands down because nothing affects my memory like music. I have a theory that everyone's life has its own soundtrack, filled with those songs that no matter where you are, if you hear them you are transported back in time. 

My own soundtrack began with my mom strumming the guitar and singing "All I have to do is dream" by the Everly Brothers. I was probably about 3. Kenny Rogers's "The Gambler" oddly enough takes me back to ...

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Still a dancing queen Bookmark and Share

I like to go along in life thinking I haven’t aged a bit, but then reality slaps me in the face. Like when I realize that I have a child who’s nearly 5 or that I’ve been with the same guy for so long that it’s getting scarily close to half my life. But nothing prepared me for the late-night ride on the lightrail that led to StillADancingQueen.com.

It was 1 a.m. on a Friday night, and my husband and I were headed home after date night (I hate that term) at Comedy Works ...

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