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What I Learned from Returning to Kindergarten Bookmark and Share

What I Learned from Returning to Kindergarten

Tomorrow my daughter “graduates” from kindergarten. Milestones like this always make me sentimental, but this year the bittersweet emotion is amplified by 27.

You see, this was my year to revisit kindergarten. I gave up the security of full-time work for the flexibility of freelancing so I could spend more time with my daughter and volunteer at her school. That meant spending time with 28 little people on a regular basis.

It was a questionable move for someone with workaholic tendencies and a mild dislike for “OPKs” (other people’s kids). Helping in the classroom was unchartered territory. I worried ...

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Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex Bookmark and Share

Sunny Summer Thoughts to Combat the Polar Vortex

When my husband and I decided to leave sunny Colorado and head back to our roots in the Midwest, we were prepared for tough winters. I, however, was not prepared to suffer through the coldest, snowiest winter in 20 years.

This morning I determined the only way to get through the remaining weeks of this awful winter is to dream of summer. Summertime by Lake Michigan is pure heaven. On the drive to school today, my daughter and I started a list of things we want to do this summer. Our list had the usual summer fun like the fair ...

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No longer first Bookmark and Share

No longer first

During a recent conversation with a friend, we talked about how it sometimes seems that we’ve hit all of the “firsts” in life and how that can be difficult sometimes.

The first 40 years are full of firsts: first day of school, first kiss, first love, first car, first apartment, first job, first (and if you’re lucky only) marriage, maybe first baby. So many things to look forward to and then you hit this point in life and wonder, what is there to look forward to? What are the next firsts? And that lack of firsts brings a ...

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